Please contact me if you are interested in buying my artwork, commissioning a work, or for any other inquiry.

Ann Hopkinson

Pricing and Shipping:

My paintings are priced according to their size and presentation form. Most acrylics and many watercolors are mounted on a stretched canvas with the exposed edges painted black or gray, the entire piece coated with acrylic varnish. This makes a durable, nice looking painting without the fragility, weight, and reflective problems of glass.  These “watercolors” are NOT traditional watercolors, however, because they have a top coat of acrylic varnish. I also offer traditional watercolors: framed, under glass, as noted under those specific pieces. I will sell pieces on paper without framing or mounting for a reduced price.

The shipping charge is in addition to the listed price, as is tax. Be aware that a framed piece will be approximately 8 inches larger in each dimension than the listed size.

Small aquamedia paintings 8x10 in. and smaller - $80
Aquamedia paintings 9x12 inches - $108
Mounted, varnished watercolor paintings 12x16 inches- $210
Quarter sheet watercolors unframed- 11x15 inches - $175
Framed Quarter sheet watercolors 11x15 inches - $250
Half sheet 15x22 inches, framed watercolors - $420
Full sheet 22x30 inches, framed watercolors - $595


Yes, I do commissions!

Do you have a favorite place or event that you would like to have a reminder of on your wall?   You can choose the dominant color, size, medium, and other characteristics - or not, if you so desire.  The prices are based on size, and are similar to prices for my non-commissioned work.  I will give  you a choice between at least two paintings.

Some commissions I have done in the past are of an aspen grove where a couples' marriage took place, Independence Rock where the recipient did his first big rock climb, and a 15-foot long mural at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs. 

Give me a call to discuss.